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dlbassman politiku journal

muditation (april 2021) our understanding meditation (so called) - seems active not passive ----------- we are wholly made from elements of the earth from where does life come who are we to know atoms in a universe that is an atom from inside and out from dimensions unfathomed lifes pulses resound ---------- dont draw the curtain the moon and stars on parade pass by my window the prodigal son am i - my road leads homeward light shines from the door for the true seeker who walks forever - the path is not long or dim ---------- my teacher rings true those who tell me otherwise tell me only lies hypnotic trances and dreams begone - let me see with my given eye target and technique both must be demonstrated by someone who knows --------- thus spoke the sergeant the pistol circles the bull the shot surprises *1 ---------- what i hope to find in g-d most surely resides in the hearts of friends forever focus the ring of your awareness friend immerse yourself ------------ notes *1 (respectful thanks for this advice to sfc harrell)

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