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dlbassman politiku journal

politrix (april 2021) disclaimer - i yam no economist - just a catbird in a tree i'm a jeweler not the best - i try to cut rough stones into fire ------ democracy's aim is peace - a war against it can never be won the worst of rulers are those whose purses fatten while people are thinned *1 in naboths vineyard there hung fine grapes ripe to pick - too bad for naboth ------ the world in chaos stock markets up - where is our invisible hand until the next crash stocks are money in the bank government insured print the money - spend wisely - subtle tax laws bought inequality ------ monuments are few in some parts for the martyrs of the right to vote dehumanizing others we dehumanize ourselves and loved ones accepting evil we are just one step below perpetrating it ------ notes *1 a paraphrase of saladin

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